University of consciousness Education

Problems you might be having?

  • Have you met people who are in lack and suffering & despite seeking therapy, they are still stuck?
  • Do you feel something is missing in the therapy world?
  • Are you looking for the most powerful way to help people transform their lives? 
  • Whether it be lack of health, happiness or wealth, do you want solutions to the pain?
  • Do you have a limited number of clients and feel your existing business is not growing fast enough?
  • Have you felt frustrated with out-dated techniques and now you're looking to step up and gain new skills? 
  • Are you aware that unless you enhance your therapy practice with proven techniques, your clients results will be limited? 
  • Do you find your clients come for one session, yet they do not return? 
  • Do you worry about charging more for your sessions because you’re not sure if what you're doing is bringing the level of transformation that you would like? 
  • Are you looking for self-growth that can bring you more insights into how your clients mind works?

If this sounds like you:

  • I want to help people
  • I want to learn and enhance my healing capabilities with proven techniques 
  • I want new tools so that my clients can experience massive breakthroughs and real transformation 
  • I want to be accredited and gain a professional qualification that results in a Doctorate
  • I want access to insurance
  • I want to be supported
  • I want to connect with other students